On Being A Mother And An Entrepreneur

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Well hello there dear reader! Feel that new blog smell… Mmmmm… fresh right out the hard drive. Since this is my first post on this brand new blog I’m guessing you’re either a time traveler from the future or my mom (love you, I’ll call you tomorrow). So then, time traveler, let me tell you a bit about who I am, why I started this blog and why should you care!

I’m An Entrepreneur And a Mother

I’m Gabriela, an experienced web designer and a passionate entrepreneur. I’ve always worked for myself, I’ve never tasted the feeling of being hired by someone else. As I met the man I fell in love with, I also became passionate about wanting kids, so in 2017 I became a mother to my amazing boy/girl pair of twins. 

Sure, I was aware that life changes somewhat once you have kids. You don’t have time to shower, don’t get to go to the bathroom alone anymore and you get to sing the same nursery song 50 to 70 times per day. But imagine my surprise when my life as an entrepreneur has also changed completely

captain obvious

I was getting rejected for new projects because I couldn’t give a competitive deadline (kids tend to get sick exactly 2,3 days before a project’s deadline). While skyping with clients you could hear my toddlers fighting in the background. This is how I realized I’m having a difficult time combining entrepreneurship and mothering. “No worries’, I said to myself, the masters surely know what to do.

Can You Have a Business While Raising a Family?

Now I’ve been passionate about entrepreneurship for as long as I can remember. I’ve read tons of books and articles about personal and business development, I followed the people whom I consider to be my mentors – Amy Porterfield, Seth Godin, Timothy Ferriss. But then I had my twins and the game changed completely and forever. When I hit this first bump in my business post-twins and turned out to the masters for advice – guess what? Amy doesn’t have kids. Seth and Tim? Well, I don’t care if they have them or not, right now I can only relate to people who have the strength to answer the next client email after wiping snotty little noses and checking temperatures rectally 12 times last night.

that's a helpful advice for mompreneurs

Moms who also happen to be entrepreneurs need other kinds of advice. Another kind of motivation. Another kind of “10 simple things” they should do in the morning in order to be successful. We need a tribe we can relate to. We need to see how women in our position can grow a business even after having kids.

I am a mompreneur, fighting each day for the naptime, also known as “my business hours”. I work when my kids’ sleep, I drink my coffee cold and I fell asleep once with the toothbrush in my mouth. I make things work even if this sometimes means sacrifices and sleepless nights. I’m a naptime warrior!

Stick around for more good things to come !

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